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The Business Owner Resource Division (BORD) of Evershore Financial Group is equipped to deal specifically with the issues and concerns of business owners and their various stages of growth. Our expertise helps you answer questions and develop strategies around your unique needs as a business owner. Whether you are a start-up or a mature business that dreams about maximizing your value for sale, we can help.

Don’t wait to plan until you’re overwhelmed. Stop, reach out, and get the advice from a firm that knows what you’re going through.


Our Company

We're everything you want your financial services company to be. As an independent firm we are able to provide you with sound, comprehensive financial solutions for your unique situation.

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Our Process

We help businesses and business owners understand their current financial position and create individual strategies to help these entrepreneurs reach their goals. We are a resource for business growth, business valuations, key employee strategies, executive compensation, succession planning, buy-sell strategies, group benefits, and tax strategies.

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Your Exit-Planning Advisors

Meet the advisors serving the entrepreneur community.

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